All kind of bolts and pins based on DIN, EN or ISO standard
or according to customers drawings.


Bolt with threaded pin / threaded bolt

DIN 1438, DIN 1445

Bolts / Pins

DIN 1433 (w/o head), DIN 1434 (w/ head), DIN 1435 (w/ head), DIN 1436 (w/ head), DIN 1443 / ISO 2340 (w/o head), DIN 1444 / ISO 2341 (w/ head)


Machining Steel
e.g. 9SMn(Pb)28k, 11SMn(Pb)30+C…

Carbon Steel
e.g. C15, C35, C45…

Stainless Steel
e.g. 1.4305, 1.4301, 1.4571, 1.4104…

e.g. AlMgPb, AlMgSi0,5, AlMgSi1

Through our efficient partners, the delivery of hardened and coated bolts is a matter of course.

Our products are available on request:

  • galvanised
  • varnished
  • anodised
  • phosphated
  • zinc flake coated (e.g. GEOMET) 
  • etc.